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  • 1€* credit at no charge.
  • No basic fee, contract can be terminated at any time
  • Full cost control with pre-paid credit account. Rate announcement before the call begins
  • To charge the point account is easy & safe, with Paypal, giropay, Sofortüberweisung, credit card, Lastschrift, EPS, Moneybookers or advance payment.
  • Free of charge phonebook use including speed-dial.
  • Make calls abroad without roaming charges - with our callback service
  • SIP connectivity via Softphone
  • Constantly changing discounts for our customers
  • No pin codes or card numbers,easy identification process by access recognition.
  • Free-sms: Send 2 free short messages a day (114 signs, plus bidderad).
  • Free iPhone / Android App
  • Itemised reports, credit top-up and personal data management are all possible at any time from the user account.
  • Free SIP-Account
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Area code for BRUNEI DARUSSALAM mob cheap calls - 006737
Area code for BRUNEI DARUSSALAM mob cheap calls - 006738
Area code for BRUNEI DARUSSALAM mob cheap calls - 006739
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