Save roaming charges

With our fonworld Callback-Service you've got the opportunity to benefit from the fair fonworld rates from landlines or mobile phones. When using the Callback-Service, please make sure to fulfill the following requirements to avoid any roaming charges:

Requirements for saving roaming charges:

  • local mobile phone (for Exapmle a prepaid-card or a contract for a mobile phone in the corresponding country)
  • fixed line telephone
  • dial-in via the webfon

On Dial-in via the mobile phone or a fixed-line phone, the number has to be registered in 'my numbers' in your fonworld-account. This is needed to assign the number to your account.

Example: From Greece (mobile) to germany (fixed line)

  • You register your number. Next, you call the PING callback-number (+49 69 22 77 94 87) in Germany.
  • After a short message we disconnect the call which you will not be charged for.
  • Now, you'll called back from our System.

    Example costs: GREECE mob = 4,12 ct./Min.

  • After the callback you enter the phone number of the desired conversation partner. Now, you are calling via the fonworld network.

    Example costs: GERMANY = 1,91 ct./Min.

    For Example: Total costs 4,12 ct./Min. + 1,91 ct./Min. = 6,03 ct./Min.

The total costs on a callback call results in the tariffs from the two connected countries.

If you call via the web phone, you will only have to pay costs for guiding the relevant target country.

Example: If you call the German landline network using the web phone from Spain, you will only have to pay the German tariff, fonworld/web phone section. You can find a cost example for the callback procedure further down the page.

Callback incl. speed-dial numbers

You can also use your telephone book for dialling. Please dial +49 69 22 77 94 87 + the according speed-dial-number. Please type in the speed-dial-number subsequently (no plus sign).

For Example: +49 69 22 77 94 87 + 12

You receive a callback on the line you have called from. Then you'll be connected to the participant of the speed-dial number without to have to enter the complete destination number.

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